YONG GIN MACHINERY CO., LTD /RUE EING MACHINERY CO.,LTD. was established in April1977. We specialize in import, export, trading, installation, and maint-enance of marine diesel engines, main and auxiliary engines,generators, and Nico reversing gears and electric generators for factory.

The said equipment and machines are directly exported from Japan toMainland China and countries in the Southeast Asia. Our company hasa long history and enjoy high prestige.

In order to race against time and provide more rapid and effectiveservice, we established distribution centers in Osaka, Japan andKaohsiung fish port, Taiwan respectively to provide service to shipowners from all over the world.We also provide generator service to Taiwanese businessmen investedin Mainland China and Southeast Asia. Our generators for industrialuse include all sizes of sound-proof type, open type and emergencygenerators, and they are available all the time. Besides, we supplyspare parts and accessories for engines of all brands and sizes.Engines of used trucks, forklift, and agricultural machinery such asengines, tillage machinery, and tractors are also the staples exportedby us directly from Japan to Southeast Asia.

We have sold high-, medium-, and low-speed engines of all brandsfrom Japan, Europe and America for fishing vessels such as NIIGATA,HANSHIN, AKASAKA, FUJI, DAIHATSU, YANMAR, MITSUBISHI, NISSAN,ISUZU, C.A.T,VOLVO, CUMMINS, etc. for over 30 years in the market.Our information is on request from time to time. Your comments andcriticism will be much appreciated.

We are also engaged in trading of all kinds of used vessels as abroker, such as fishing vessels or work boats, tug boats, oil tankers,cargo vessels, barges, sand tanker ,etc.